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Follow our practical advice to make reinvigorating any living space effortless. Find answers to the most commonly asked questions and other considerations to bear in mind on your journey to creating a beautiful home.

What are the steps to perfect flooring?
1. Gather different opinions
Getting a second or third opinion helps you make an informed choice about your flooring. Talk to family members as they can share their experience with certain materials. And ultimately get the opinion of a flooring expert who can advise you on whether or not your style pick will suits its purpose.
2. Appreciate your senses
Being able to see your choice of flooring on display, having an opportunity to feel the quality of a twist pile carpet or experience luxury vinyl tiles in a home interior will give you a better sense of what you would like in your living spaces. We always recommend a visit to a showroom and ordering samples.
3. Size up your interiors
A free measure will give you a clearer picture of the dimensions of your room and how much carpet you will need. Carpet is manufactured in 4 metre rolls so naturally there will be surplus material as the carpet is cut to fit the space. Get a professional to measure your floor for free for precise measurements.
TC Matthews Free Measure Advice Page
4. Know your budget
Whether you are redecorating one or two rooms or updating your entire home, have an idea of how much you want to spend. You may want to replace flooring every few years to maintain a contemporary style so let our experts advise you on practical choices that stay within your budget.
5. Love your choice
Once you have seen the styles out there and gained the benefit of a flooring expert’s opinion, pick one that stands out for you. Order samples and live with your choices for a while. If one of them elevates your space in ways you never imagined, follow your heart and make it the chosen design match for your home.
TC Matthews Brand Ulster
6. Get professional fitters
Get experts to install your flooring to ensure your carpet, wood or luxury vinyl tiles are fitted to perfection. Experienced fitters will spot uneven floors and underlay requirements quickly and will be better equipped to address any issues.
Professional fitters fitting TC Matthews carpet
Frequently Asked Questions
Answered by our experts!
What do I need to know before I choose my flooring?

If you’re looking to update a room in your home, start by visiting your nearest TC Matthews store to speak with one of our flooring experts. Or you can view our range of flooring online and order free samples straight to your home.

How can I request a sample?

Visit us in any one of our showrooms across Leinster or order your free sample online. We will be happy to provide you with colour swatches and textures from our collections, which feature over 100 designs.

How can I estimate the amount of flooring or carpet I need?

We offer free home measures. Simply book a home consultation online and one of our experts will come to your address and take exact measurements of your chosen interior.

If you wish to measure how much material you need by yourself you will need to find out the exact width and length of your space in metres. Multiply the width of your room by the length to determine the total square metres.

If your space is not a simple rectangle, measure the length of every wall and break the room into small rectangle-shaped sections to make it easier to calculate your square footage. Carpet is typically manufactured in 4m rolls and as a result there will often be waste material created by cutting the carpet roll to fit the space.

To account for this waste, you must order at least 10% more carpet than the actual size of your room. This is only a guide – your TC Matthews carpet expert will measure the space and plan the most economical way to lay the carpet.

Can you use carpet over underheated floors?

Most carpets can be used over underfloor heating without impairing the performance of the system.

What is underlay and why do I need it?

Underlay acts as a shock absorber against wear and tear and will prevent the carpet pile from flattening, which can extend the lifetime of your carpet by up to 50 per cent. Underlay for laminate flooring is a must. It allows the floor to float, gives it stability, support, reduces noise, and supports the locking systems in between planks to ensure the sturdiest flooring project.

Which underlay do I choose?

There are different qualities of underlay and good underlay makes a big difference to comfort and wear. One of our expert team of flooring specialists can help you choose the right underlay for your flooring.

Will you dispose of my old carpet?

If you’d like us to get rid of your old flooring, be sure to enquire about our disposal service at your local store. We charge a small fee to carry out this service but it can make your home improvement project a lot easier.

What are the different types of carpet to choose from?

We sell a huge range of carpets in synthetic, wool and wool blends. Here are some of the different types you can discover at your nearest TC Matthews.

This refers to the ratio of wool to nylon. Eighty per cent wool to twenty per cent nylon is used in the surface pile yarn, a blend that provides the softness, lustre and luxury of wool with the strength and resilience of nylon.

A type of woven carpet with patterns that are beautifully defined.

A loop carpet with small, dark flecks blended into lighter shades of background colour to resemble the traditional weaving style of the Berber tribe.

A type of carpet yarn made from more than one fibre colour, resulting in a flecked, multicoloured effect.

The pile is the yarn used to form the surface of a carpet. The ‘total pile weight’ refers to the amount of pile yarn used in the carpet, generally quoted per square metre.

In tufted carpet the pile yarn is sewn through a backing membrane and secured by latex to a secondary backing.

Twist pile
A type of carpet that uses yarn with a higher twist than usual to create a textured surface.

Carpet made with low-twist cut-pile yarn, giving a plush, velvety surface.

Wilton weaving is one of the oldest methods used in creating a machine-made carpet. It has limited colour choice but a variety of textures can be achieved.

In contrast to tufted carpet, this process brings together the pile and backing yarns to form the woven cloth, offering unrivalled strength and stability. Axminster and Wilton carpets are two different types of woven carpet.

This carpet has a combination of high-cut tufts and lower loops in a variety of sculptured patterns. Cut-loop carpets offer good performance but are slightly less durable than loop carpets.

Polypropylene carpets
Ideal for playrooms and bedrooms, this family-friendly fibre can feel super soft and luxurious. These carpets are highly stain resistant and easy to clean.

Book a free consultation
Talk to our experts and make informed decisions before you buy. Whether you need a plan, advice on flooring or fitting, we can help get your home improvements underway.
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    Talk to our Experts

    Talk to our experts and make informed decisions before you buy. Whether you need a plan, advice on flooring or fitting, we can help get your home improvements underway.